History of Yogyakarta

The establishment of the Agreement Date Yogyakarta Gianti to 13 February 1755 was, the Dutch company signed under the signature of Governor Nicholas Hartingh on behalf of the Governor-General Jacob Mossel. Content Gianti agreement: The state of Mataram was divided into two parts: half is still the rights of the Kingdom of Surakarta, half again to Prince Mangkubumi rights. The agreement recognized Pengeran Mangkubumi be king over half of the Inland Empire with the title Java trace Senopati Ing Alega Abdul Rachman Sayidin Panatagama khalifatullah.

The areas was that his power Mataram (Yogyakarta), Pojong, Sukowati, bagels, Kedu, and local and foreign Bumigede namely, Madison, Magetan, Cirebon, Half Pacitan, Kartosuro, Kalangbret, Tulungagung, Mojokerto, Bojonegoro, Ngawen, Sela, Kuwu, Wonosari, Grobogan.

After completion of the Regional Distribution Agreement, which Pengeran Mangkubumi lane I soon found that the regional Mataram was named in his power Ngayogyakarta and its capital in Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta), is holding. This assessment was on 13 Published in March 1755.

The court referred to as the capital and seat of government of the Federal Republic, a Banyan Forest is where there is a small village called Pachetokan is elected, there there is a rest house named by Garjitowati Susuhunan Pakubowono II first and reputation was later changed to Ayodhya. After setting the above-announced track membabad ordered immediately to the people of the forest was the establishment of the palace.

Before the palace was finished, I liked Lane Guest House is Ambarketawang Gamping area that was well done. Occupy the official rest house on 9 Oktober 1755th From here he always supervise and regulate the construction of the palace is under construction.

A year later I pleased lane to the New Palace as the founding assembly in force. Such was the city of Yogyakarta or name is utuhnya Negari Ngayogyakarta. Ambarketawang Guest House next move down the road in the new palace. The inauguration, on 7 October 1756 occurred

Yogyakarta city was built in 1755, together with the building of the Kingdom by Ngayogyakarta lane I in Banyan Forest, an area between the river and river Winongo code, where the situation is with regard to security and defense strategy, the time displayed
After the proclamation of independence on 17 August 1945, welcomes Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX and Sri Paduka Paku Alam VIII charter date was governor and vice governor of the province of Yogyakarta President, later, on 5 September 1945, he issued a mandate that the Sultanate and the region is Pakualaman Special Areas that are part of the Republic of Indonesia under Article 18 of the Constitution of 1945. And 30 October 1945, he issued a second mandate that the implementation of the Government in Yogyakarta Special Region of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX and Sri Paku Alam Paduka VIII states is carried out together with the Working Committee of the National Committee

Although the city of Yogyakarta either part of the Sultanate, and become a part of Pakualaman been in a position to the House and City Council led establish Government of the Sultanate and Pakualaman Regent City, but the city of Yogyakarta not become autonomous township or city, because the power of autonomy to different areas of government Massih remain in the hands of the Government of Yogyakarta Special Region.

The city of Yogyakarta Sultanate and the region that the new Pakualaman a Township or City of Autonomy closes with the birth of Act No. 17 of 1947, Article I states that district with an area of Yogyakarta Sultanate and Pakualaman and some areas of Bantul district, which now defines a district Kotagede and Umbulharjo as an area that the right to organize and manage their own household has. The area was Haminte Yogyakaarta City.
To implement the first mayor of autonomy Ir.Moh Enoh problems because the area is still part of the Special Region of Yogyakarta and its status is not released instead. It is increasingly apparent with the existence of Law Number 22 of 1948 on the principles of Local Government, where the Special Region of Yogyakarta as Level I and Level II community of Yogyakarta Special Region of Yogyakarta as the.

In addition, both chaired by Mayor Mr.Soedarisman Poerwokusumo its position as the administration of a trap Daily legislative and executives who were then referred to the DPR-GR with members of 25 persons. Yogyakarta new Parliament on 5 May 1958 with 20 members as a result of the election in 1955.
With the return of the 1945 Constitution fifth by a decree of the President July 1959 was replaced Law No. 1 1957 by Law No. 18 of 1965 on the main points of the regional administration, Regional Head and the DPRD tasks are separated and formed the Regional Vice-Head and body daily government and replaces the term Township town Yogyakarta.

On the basis of the TAP MPRS No. XXI/MPRS/1966 issued Law No. 5 of 1974 on the principles of the regional administration. According to the law is DIY the province and the provinces, not led by the head of the provincial governor as head of the Yogyakarta Special Region and Vice-Governor of Yogyakarta Special Region managed by the conditions, terms, bound, and how pengankatan for Head and Deputy Head of Regional Regional others, especially for trace beliiau IX and Sri Paku Alam VIII Paduka While the community of Yogyakarta is a second-level regions of the Mayor Head of the Level II, by the terms of the mandate, terms and manner of appointment to Head of the second-level range as the other bound to be performed.

Together with bergulirnya era of reform, a demand to the government in autonomous regions of prominent hold, then out of Act No.22 of 1999 on Local Government Areas of local government autonomy widespread, real and responsible. Appropriate designation for this Act, the municipality of Yogyakarta regency of Yogyakarta City is named in Denan, while converted for his government with the Mayor of Yogyakarta Municipality of Yogyakarta as the head of the division.